Welcome to an unprecedented educational and wellness project for Plastic Surgery specialists. An unparalleled network.
A truly enriched lifestyle.
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Bosques Andinos Golf Club and Mountain Training Center is the first and only club with real facilities providing an Educational Plastic Surgery concept in the world.

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Bosques Andinos Golf Club & Mountain Training Center


New Club with Unprecedented Benefits for Plastic Surgeons


A Magic Paradise called Bosques Andinos, located in Colombia

A Paradise for better learning,
better networking and better life.

We strive for all our members to enjoy the highest medical training with the best entertainment for them and their families.


Reasons to become
a member of Bosques

A Club with an unprecedented educational concept. SAPS Best Events, Meetings, Ultimate Surgical Trainings, Hands On Courses and Training opportunities will have place at the club facilities

Golf, Tenis and other sports
Courses, events, meetings & more
Helicopter, SUVS, Vans, Golf Cars
Mountain Trails, river and Green Fields
Bosques Andinos Club By SAPS Academy

How the CLUB

At least 2 weeks per month the club will have plastic surgery educational activities FREE for the members

A Magic Paradise called Bosques

A Valley of 20 private Hectares of club full of nature, surrounded of green natural beauty, majestic mountains, massive pines, a mystic river, magical fauna. Located in Colombia.

World Class Amenities

Phone Numbers

+ 57 312 554-7703

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