The Club

The Club explained: How does
it work?

The Club will have 1 educational or wellness every week of the year. At least 2 educational events per month. See more below:

At least 2 weeks per month the club will have Plastic Surgery educational activities Free for the members

Explained Better: The first week and last week of the month, 1 or more well-knownworld wide Plastic Surgeons (Professors) will come to the club to teach in full all their knowledge. Yes it´s like a permanent Ultimate Surgical Training Club. They will give lectures at the club and will do live surgeries at our endorsed surgical centers. Yes the members will have the full immersion experience, at the operating room if they want or lively transmitted to the club conference center, your own room Tv or in the SAPS Tv App if you can’t make it in person. Yesss! the members of the club will have all the courses for them even if they can’t make it in person.The other 2 weeks of the month we will have many other activities as a concept club.

The other 2 weeks of the month we will have many other activities as a concept club

Explained Better: The club will be open all year round and the other 2 weeks of the month you and your family can come to the club to stay, eat well, disconnect, relax, enjoy, exercise, do some sports, detox and learn other things that the club will prepare for their members apart from surgery (you can also do this during the academic weeks if you want). You can come and stay for short or longer periods to enjoy as much as you can.

Surgical SAPS Owned or Endorsed Centers

Bosques Andinos and the Other Clubs will be connected to Surgical State of the Art Centers. All the surgeries of the club’s courses and events will be performed at these facilities located close to the club. Bosques Andinos has linked to a new top class surgical
center that will be used for these purposes. This facility is already built in Cúcuta (Brand new). A 4 story medical building for Plastic Surgery, With 4 great Operating Rooms, VIP´s surgeons lounge and all areas adapted to our educational activities and to receive comfortably all our members.


Explained Better: The Club will have a great restaurant and other food stations run by awarded chefs. International and varied cuisine at any time, as you will experience only at our Club (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and extra hours). You can enjoy your meals at the common areas of the club, indoor or al fresco. In room dining also available.

All Seasons Camps, activities and events for you and your family

Explained Better: A bunch of activities will be available for you and your family. Golf, Tennis and other sports summer camps (or every season)

  • Wine events.
  • Culinary Experiences.
  • Arts and Painting courses.
  • Yoga, Pilates and Calisthenics events.
All year round permanent training on industry developments.

Explained Better: The Club Has an Open Sky permanent and temporary Market and training areas for the surgeons. Our members can come to our club at any time to learn and train on the latest medical advances that the industry has to offer, for free!. We will make sure to have only the best of the best. We already have some confirmed

Live transmission to SAPS TV App

Explained Better: We know that the club will have members from all over the world, and we also understand that you won’t be able to come every week. We know you would love to, but we know that you also have to work and make a life out of the club. That’s why you will have access to all the weekly courses at SAPS TV and SAPS Network platforms. So by being a member you can enjoy all the content even if you can’t make it in person.

Transportation inside the Club

You can either walk or use the golf carts to reach all the Club´s areas, amenities and accommodation chalets.

Golf, Tenis and other sports
Courses, events, meetings & more
Helicopter, SUVS, Vans, Golf Cars
Mountain Trails, river and Green Fields


Benefits, experiences and perks that make us the best and only club of specialists in Plastic Surgery in the world.

A Magic Paradise called Bosques

A Valley of 20 private Hectares of club full of nature, surrounded of green natural beauty, majestic mountains, massive pines, a mystic river, magical fauna. Located in Colombia.


Luxury Mountain Chalets fully equipped. With beautiful finishings. Chalet Rates Apply, these rates will be low as in every club for their members.

Bosques Andinos Club
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+ 57 312 554-7703

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